Flexible & various possibilities of the modern personnel service of today

As a Kaiserstuhl specialist, we have been on-site for you from the Swiss border to Karlsruhe since 2002. So your chances are very good that we will find what you are looking for in our joint search. As a fair partner for employees and entrepreneurs – reliable, competent and fast.

For you as a future employee, it is of secondary importance to us whether you want to conclude an employment contract with a direct personnel agency or rather within the framework of a temporary employment agency, i.e. temporary work.

Our colleagues will help you to find a job and the future employer that fits your ideas and needs. Heiba – personnel switching brings them together.
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Job exchange

With HeiBa - personnel switching there is always a chance.

Interesting Job offers with perspectives for skilled and unskilled workers!


For applicants

You are looking for the chance to start your professional life?

You want to show off your skills and abilities to their full advantage?

Together we find your job!

For companies

We make businesses more efficient. Your requirements determine our solution concept.

Reliable and competent recruitment support.

Occupy vacancies quickly and accurately.

Therefore it works with HeiBa. We work …

  • … quick

    immediate contacting

  • … personally & unbureaucratic

    the simplest ways are always the best!

  • … reliable

    only honesty is the basis for a long-term successful cooperation!

  • … trustworthily

    confirmation promises are kept - promised!

  • … competent

    since 2002 - profound experience potential make us your personnel consultants.

  • … customer-focused

    branch-specific needs and problems are addressed by us.

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