Who we are

HeiBa Personalvermittlung was founded in 2002 and started as a pure family business.

And even today HeiBa is still family-run: Tatjana and Frank Westphal took over the company in the middle of 2017 in the second generation.

Our mission

Fair wages, punctual payment and a human and rather family approach are the basis for the satisfaction of our employees and the foundation of our success. Today and in the future.
Our technical expertise is the basis for the satisfaction of our customers.

What we do

We give employees a chance to re-enter or continue their careers. We create perspectives, we find a way.

We are the reliable partner for all companies looking for a flexible solution for their production, trade, office or care.

From the first inquiry to the placement of the manpower it goes with us very fast. But that doesn’t mean that we have to cut back on quality. We are well organised, well informed and networked, making us the first point of contact for anyone looking for competent support.

Where does the name “HeiBa” come from?
“HeiBa” was the nickname of the “head” of our family, Heinz Bason. In his honour we already named our company with his nickname during his lifetime.

The Team of HeiBa Personalvermittlung

Tatjana Westphal


Frank Westphal


Christina Weidner


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